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Stress on the Dance floor!

The stress test (21/08/2010) is over and I thought I’d be very organized, go in and prepare my character for Saturday’s launch. Yeah! Right! Well, that didn’t happen.

On first logging in I met my guildies beneath the Golden Lion in Lion’s Arch, standing on the world……and what did we check out?! Oh Yeah! The one emote that I have been waiting for……/dance! I mean, oh, what utter fun. I mean really! Just stupid, silly fun! It’s amazing how such a tiny thing could have us giggling like little kids, especially when watching those – in my opinion – adorable asura doing their thing! This is one emote that I’m going to be using on a regular basis. One of our guild leaders managed to record the event. That is one item to slip into the guild journal!

Then it was kick butt in WvWvW!…….and I was supposed to be creating my new persona, but can you honestly refuse such an enticing and fun-packed outing? Not when you’re going to be running around with the Knights of the Isle!…..and by the end of it I was exhausted. It’s a tiring job conquering the world!

Knights of the Isle Rock n’ Roll!

This time around the stress test wasn’t so stressful. It didn’t take me forever to log in, though I did crash once or twice and logging into areas such as Lion’s Arch did take a bit longer than usual. The Black Lion Trading Post wasn’t working for me, but I did receive my Hero’s Band. Other than that it was four hours of fun. Oh wow, do I like that word! It rolls on my tongue like chocolate fudge! F – U – N!

Supreme actors on the ‘guilded’ stage!

……and we wait! Just two more days! TWO MORE DAYS and I think I’m going to be moving to Tyria permanently!

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Stress easy!

Why is it every time I log into GW2 I feel confused, wandering aimlessly through the world? It’s probably because I feel rushed, 4 hours and all. Going into the stress test (15/08/2012) didn’t feel as exciting as when I first logged on that 1st BWE. I think it’s because I don’t want to spoil things for myself. I don’t want to discover those hidden places even accidentally. I want them to remain hidden until launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing GW2 and I love experiencing it even if for just 4 hours, but I find it so hard to restrain myself. So during this last stress test I decided to concentrate on creating a guardian……and I really liked her. She felt extremely powerful and easy to create combs with other players and being a human seemed to suit her just fine. I didn’t craft, I didn’t follow any of the personal story. I just ran around Queensdale doing dynamic events and joining up with my guildies. I mean launch is just practically a week away……so, it’s like “why bother?”

Human Guardian

Ready for the next challenge!

Anyway now I’ve tried out all the professions and all races and have finally decided on what my team of five are going to be. Well, I’m sure there will be more than five, but at the moment these five will definitely keep me going for quite a while.

My famous *cough, cough* five (starting from my main):

Norn Ranger

Sylvari Necromancer

Asura Elementalist

Charr Engineer

Human Guardian

One thing I hope to avoid with GW2 is burnout. That’s what happened with Lotro. I played every day from the afternoon right through up till midnight, then the weekends it would be the entire day stopping only for lunch and coffee.  By the time I reached level 65  – that was close to 5 months from beginning to end of play – I just couldn’t be bothered with killing another orc (I was a hunter). Mirkwood was the last place I ventured in. I guess you can actually get mentally tired with a game and sitting for such long hours wasn’t one of the best things I did.

So this time around there really isn’t any reason to rush. No subscription, no deadlines, no having to rush to level cap to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more if I pace myself, though I’m not going to be fool enough to promise myself anything…..too risky!

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Stress test and small bites!

Today (15/08/2012) there’s going to be yet another stress test – possibly to test out the new NVIDIA driver for GW2.  Am I happy? Oh boy! Oh yes! I keep telling myself  “no, don’t bother, you don’t need to torture yourself any longer. Only a week-ish to go, so why bother?” Well, because I’m in love and I still want to test out a couple more professions. I think I’ll try guardian, but I’ll also muck around with my engineer (didn’t have much time during the last test) and try to figure out the mesmer, which I found to be bit more complicated than the others. Four hours to have lots more fun!

Following Twitter I spotted a really fun tit bit, that Guild Wars 2 is going to have its own official song. Now that’s just absolutely spiffy! The music is composed by the one and only Jeremy Soule and the lyrics by none other than the Lore-master herself, Ree Soesbee. It’s called Fear Not This Night!  – I think I’m going to faint! –  It’s going to be released on the 17th August through Amazon. Go to the link here and sample the song for yourself. Guild Wars 2 is actually going to have its own song! Wow! Oh Wow! – I think I’ll do a little jig here!

ArenaNet have also released a list of the worlds of Guild Wars 2, you can go here for more information. I’ve happily planted my roots on Underworld.

……and finally to top off my post today –  ArenaNet have posted their own bit of news regarding the final countdown advising pre-purchasers to hit the log in button at least 3 hours before actual launch:

       please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior.

For more information check this link.

So fellow Tyrians, grab your bags. It’s nearly time!

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To stress or not to stress! (12/08/2010)

I was too comfortable on the sofa, I thought one hour of stress-test-frenzy was too short. I’d probably spend my time looking at the log-in screen, right? Or continuously crashing, yeah?…….and anyway what could I possibly do in an hour? Wrong on all three counts! I logged in without a hitch. Clean and smooth, so I said “brilliant, now let’s test my engineer!” Not exactly. I spent the entire hour running around the Black Citadel! I just love the cities. There is so much to see and watch and I probably haven’t even explored 1% of it yet……*claps hands in glee*……more to do when game launches!

…….and the Charr are so much fun and so cute – I better not say that out loud, I don’t think the Charr would appreciate the term ‘cute’ –  I think I’m in love!

My kitty!

During my one hour run around in the Black Citadel I noticed an interesting change in my mini-map. Waypoints that hadn’t been discovered yet where represent by large icons. The moment you found them they shrunk in size. This though doesn’t appear to have effected what they look like in the main map. Hmmm…..interesting!  A good or bad thing? Not sure. Well, the discovered waypoints tend to be really tiny on the mini-map, so you’ll have to keep switching back to your large map to find them. Will this affect game play? I have no idea, time was short. We’ll see.

Red circle – discovered WP. Red arrow – undiscovered WP

……and it’s the final countdown. Two weeks to go. I can’t believe it’s just around the corner……..and then…….yeah!


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Stress who? Me or it!?

We’re getting closer and closer to THE day and funnily enough I’m not excited. I think it’s the lull before the storm. I mean it’s useless getting all hyped up and excited now when there are still a couple of weeks in between……at least I want to be able to sleep at night!

We had a stress test yesterday (9/08/2012) and it definitely was a test. It’s the first stress test where I actually had problems. Nobody could log in. Half an hour after it had begun ArenaNet brought the servers down. In all we might have played 3 hours, but I did crash once or twice when I could actually log in especially when I tried going into WvWvW.  Then again this was a stress test, better for the servers to have problems now rather than at launch and even then you can never be sure.

During play I noticed some changes:

1. Enhanced graphics. Oh wow! When I eventually logged in I found myself in Lion’s Arch, down by the water’s edge and boy oh boy! The water was just absolutely superb! It looked extremely real and so very inviting. Honestly, if I could, I would have dived right in!

Just looking at the water makes you want to grab your bathing suit!

2. Changes to the UI. Hovering your mouse over a skill will show you the skill chain. I found that very useful though it can clutter your screen a bit, but I’m sure the guys at AreaNet will sort that out eventually.

3. Target range. Now you can tell whether you are in range of a target or not because red lines appear underneath your skills. If the skill is an AoE then you will see a small red circle.

4. Mystic Chests have now been given a new name – Black Lion Chests.

For a complete list of the changes that were made go to:

List of stress test changes on Reddit

Guild Wars 2 Guru Database Update

I can’t wait to be able to log in and play for as long as I want with the knowledge that I can play whenever I want…….no limits whatsoever! I…..just……want……to……play!

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