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Of blooming flowers and growing vines!

Small mama kills big mama!

Small mama tickles big mama!

One may wonder what one has been doing through this lengthy silence…….well, as every decent Tyrian would do……..clobber centaurs and defeat crazed sharks! Not only that, but I’ve been levelling my guardian – got her to level 22 – and made an asura mesmer. Yes, yes, I am an altaholic! I’ll probably be making a sylvari ranger soon. Another, you might ask! Well, yeah! I love rangers, always have. When I played LOTRO I had a ranger there as well. Influenced from Lord of the Rings? Probably. Though I did fall for Aragorn more than Legolas, but, hey, what’s a girl to do…….in GW2 I get to do both, aim with an arrow and wield a greatsword! The best of both weapon-wielding worlds!

The Necromancer, a stylish chick!

The Necromancer, a stylish chick!

The guardian got a new hair cut!

The guardian got a new hair cut!

Being home sick with the flu I’m spending quite a bit of time in Tyria and the beauty of the land never ceases to amaze me. I had to leave Orr for a while. It can get so heavy there and I’m sure I’ve told you already I HATE the undead. So I relieved Selir from the dreariness and took her exploring and came across a really cute, beautiful, neat – call it what you will – event. I met an Arboreal Spirit that wanted to get back to its husk, but couldn’t because the Hylek were being, as usual, their annoying snobbish selves. So in I charged with my trusted scorpion pet and clobbered and whacked the entire group of hylek…….and saved the day! The spirit thanked me and retreated into its freed husk and……wow, oh wow…..the husk suddenly sprouted vines and the flowers bloomed right in front of my eyes! I love it when GW2 does that! It literally changes right in front of you. I’ve never been in a game that did that before. It shows you how much of a difference you actually make, that you do make a change. Your feats of valour do influence everything around you.

Peace is restored!

Peace is restored!

I must admit this is one game I never tire of coming back to and the longer I play the longer I want to stay……well as long as real life lets me…..I intend to finally kick those undead once and for all… least with Selir, I’ll think about the others when they get there! /sighs.

Looks cute, but whacks a punch!

Looks cute, but whacks a punch!


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GW2 and The W!

I hate waiting. I’ve always hated having to wait. I’m a creature of punctuality. I will always be on time and I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember and being punctual doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with waiting. Punctual people are always kept waiting.Ok! I’m generalizing, but I’m talking about ‘me’ here and ‘me’ has to really distract herself this week, otherwise it’s going to be a long six days of waiting.

So to keep myself occupied I’ve been working on my characters. I’ve worked out race and name. Now I’ve been thinking of my characters’ crafting professions. So far the list runs thus:

Norn Ranger -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Sylvari Necromancer  -> Jeweler/Tailor

Asura Elementalist  -> Artificer/Chef ?

Charr Engineer -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Human Guardian -> Armoursmith/Weaponsmith

The only two I’m not 100% sure of are the Elementalist and the Engineer. I know Chef is the most expensive of the professions, but not sure if the Ele should be the one to do it. Anyway I was thinking that my other characters could definitely chip in with the cash. While H/L for the Charr seemed the most natural, considering the weapons I can make and the armour my Charr would be able to wear. I sometimes wish there were 10 crafting professions instead of 8. Oh well, I’m not complaining I’m just trying to avoid the conscious thought. I don’t even want to utter or write the word. I’ll just refer to it as The W!

Now that my professions are kind of sorted, I think I’ll move on to their character sheets. Now THAT will definitely keep me busy and I honestly think I might be able to keep The W at bay………and that means more material for my blog!

Ok! Ok! Now I’m a happy bunny. W, I say, be gone!…… as she moves away humming “Fear Not This Night“!

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The Relics of the Old World!

“There drew he forth the brand Excalibur,

And o’er him, drawing it, the winter moon,

Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth

And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt:

For all the haft twinkled with diamond sparks,

Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work

Of subtlest jewellery.”

…….and so said Lord Alfred Tennyson of Excalibur in his poem “Mort d’Arthur”, describing the beauty of King Arthur’s legendary sword, believed to be imbued with magical powers. History is riddled with relics, it’s what makes history so rich……….and you might ask “What does this have to do with Guild Wars 2?” Well, as we know lore in GW2 is what gives it meaning, why we do all that we do – to go out and battle the minions of the Elder Dragons and may be later even face the dragons themselves. GW2 also has its relics which lend themselves to the lore and give it depth.

Ventari, the elder centaur

The Ventari Tablets.

Ventari came onto the scene 250 years ago. He was an elder of the centaurs and lived in the Maguuma Jungle. He abhorred the violence that was overtaking his race and when it threatened to engulf his home he fled south to the Tarnished Coast. There he befriended a man by the name of Roran Ronan, who had found a special seed from which would grow The Pale Tree. Together, Ventari and Ronan, created a sanctuary of peace for all the races. When Ronan died, Venari continued to nurture the tree and here, surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the grove, Ventari wrote his articles of life:

  1. Live life well, and fully, and waste nothing
  2.  Do not fear Difficulty, hard ground makes strong roots.
  3. The only lasting peace is the peace within your soul.
  4. All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.
  5. Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.
  6. Act with wisdom, but act.
  7. From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes- so too, should you.

These teachings shaped the firstborn Sylvari and would later have great bearing on the development of the race.

Magdaer and Sohothin.

Magdaer was an ancient doubled bladed fiery sword from Orr, and once belonging to the Gods of Tyria. It was wielded by King Adelbern and had immense power. It was the same sword that caused the Foefire, the great spell that destroyed the Charr and devastated the humans, ripping the souls from their bodies, which now still roam restlessly through the ruins of Ascalon City.

Sohothin, the flaming sword, was twin to Magdaer, and wielded by Prince Rurik, son of King Adelbern. According to legend it was believed that if the two swords where united by a descendant of King Doric (the descendant being Queen Jenna) then the souls of the Ascalon Guards would be put to rest. Sohothin is now in the hands of the Tribune Rytlock Brimstone. According to records, Eir Stegalkin ( once leader of Destiny’s Edge) believed that if she could retrieve Magdaer from the catacombs in Ascalon, and give it to Logan Thackery , then may be the rift between the two heroes (Logan and Rytlock) would be healed.

Sohothin, the sword of flame!

The Claw of the Khan Ur is an ancient charr sword lost in the ruins of Ascalon City. It is “an ungue, a four-bladed weapon with a central grip”, set with four gems; red, black, grey and gold each representing the children of the first Khan Ur. It was last seen before the Foefire in the hands of the Imperator of the Flame Legion. The Vigil, lead by the charr leader, Almorra Soulkeeper, believed that if the Claw was returned to the charr then hostilities might cease and human and charr could join forces to defeat the common enemy. So a group was set up and sent to the catacombs in Ascalon City to retrieve the Claw. The Claw was later given to the Imperator Smodur the Unflinching as a peace treaty and can now be found in the Imperator’s Core in the Black Citadel.

The Fang of the Serpant is a huge tooth belonging to Jormag, one of the Eldar Dragons. It was brought south by Asgeir Dragonrender, a great norn hero who was guided by the Spirits of the Wild to lead his people south of the Shiverpeaks. The hero who battled the great Ice Dragon and wrenched the huge fang that now hangs in the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak. As of yet nobody has managed to break it. It is believed that the hero who manages to break the tooth will be the one to destroy the dragon.

Jormag’s tooth, now hanging in Hoelbrak. According to the Norn, any who can break it will defeat Jormag.

The Golem’s Eye.

Little is known of the golem’s eye except that it was a huge ruby infused with arcane magic, created by the golemancer Blimm. It was believed to be buried in the crypts beneath Divinity’s Reach. An asura, Clagg, hired a group of adventurers to seek out the eye as it was capable of creating a huge guardian golem, taller than the tallest norn. Clagg called the eye a “self-replicating ambient thaumaturgic construct”, because even if parts of the golem were destroyed it would continue to reform itself for as long as its energy didn’t run out.  The Eye later fell into the hands of the asura Kranxx, a member of the group who was seeking out the Claw of the Khan Ur.

Will we, the players, manage to find all these relics? That is certainly something exciting to think about and not to forget. Exploring Tyria is going to be one huge adventure with a surprise around every corner. So buckle your shoes because it’s going to be one exotic ride!


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Genius or the Dream!

Yesterday ARENANET posted some news that loads of excited players were waiting for. We, the new heroes, get that chance to roll out an asura or sylvari character! I am just so thrilled at the idea, I mean after having read and heard so much about them, I want to get in and I want to know!  To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do, whether to wait until launch or to go ahead and play both during the BWEs. One part of me wants to keep it as a surprise, while the other wants to dive in and take a trip around Rata Sum and walk under the cool shadow of Pale Tree.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see and go with the flow, do things on the spur of the moment. Knowing me curiosity is just going to win me over!

Time to delve into that which is genius!

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