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Undead and carpal tunnel!

So my main character has hit level 80 and I have been venturing forth into the desolation of Malchor’s Leap, and let me tell you, it’s bleak there. Undead everywhere. You’re in constant combat not only with undead nobles, farmers and pirates, but undead chickens that peck at your ankles like there is no tomorrow! Well, I expect it’s bound to be an unsavory place being a level 80 area and Zhaitan‘s nesting ground. I have to admit it’s tiring. So I’ve discovered the best way to relieve the tiredness and carpal tunnel is to work on my alts! Switching back and forth from Orr to Kessex Hills to Metrica Province is just the ticket and buckets of fun!  Sometimes I forget that poor Selir is stuck in desolation as I wonder passed the rolling green pastures of Tyria. I even went and bought myself a new character slot in the January sales.  I’ve been testing out a mesmer, decided to make her from the human race, but might probably change her to asura. Playing with my asura elementalist I forgot just how cute and fun they are…..and they run so fast! You definitely need to take a break from the undead!

The desolation of Malchor's Leap

The desolation of Malchor’s Leap

Crafting has been enjoyable too and I’d forgotten that the chef could craft dye, so that was a pleasant surprise. Naturally, I bought myself some extra bank space……items begin to build up when you play alts! I mean the alts craft elements for each other……being such good friends! 🙂

Dress down for a dive and take a spin around town!

Dress down for a dive and take a spin around town!

Something else that I’ve got into is fashion. I’ve never been much of a fashionista in games. I wasn’t one to bother much in Guild Wars. I was more concerned with running around mowing down mean monsters really, but here in Guild Wars 2 I really enjoy seeing what new armour I’ve picked up, crafted or what I can get from the Karma Vendors……and I can’t wait to finally get to the exotic and legendary armour. I know that many other players have already got to that stage, but, hey, it’s fun taking things slow…..what’s the rush! As Treebeard would say “Don’t be hasty!”  Unfortunately, I missed the fun Wizard’s Hat from the Black Lion Store – though I’m sure the gods that be have more fun stuffed up their sleeves, this is just the beginning!

Sometimes a change of colour does the trick!

Sometimes a change of colour does the trick!

And who said a hero can't be stylish!

And who said a hero can’t be stylish!

Leaving the Eye of Zhaitan to it’s own devises for a while has done wonders for my heroic spirit. Now the question is which jumping puzzle am I going to look for next!

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The Relics of the Old World!

“There drew he forth the brand Excalibur,

And o’er him, drawing it, the winter moon,

Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth

And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt:

For all the haft twinkled with diamond sparks,

Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work

Of subtlest jewellery.”

…….and so said Lord Alfred Tennyson of Excalibur in his poem “Mort d’Arthur”, describing the beauty of King Arthur’s legendary sword, believed to be imbued with magical powers. History is riddled with relics, it’s what makes history so rich……….and you might ask “What does this have to do with Guild Wars 2?” Well, as we know lore in GW2 is what gives it meaning, why we do all that we do – to go out and battle the minions of the Elder Dragons and may be later even face the dragons themselves. GW2 also has its relics which lend themselves to the lore and give it depth.

Ventari, the elder centaur

The Ventari Tablets.

Ventari came onto the scene 250 years ago. He was an elder of the centaurs and lived in the Maguuma Jungle. He abhorred the violence that was overtaking his race and when it threatened to engulf his home he fled south to the Tarnished Coast. There he befriended a man by the name of Roran Ronan, who had found a special seed from which would grow The Pale Tree. Together, Ventari and Ronan, created a sanctuary of peace for all the races. When Ronan died, Venari continued to nurture the tree and here, surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the grove, Ventari wrote his articles of life:

  1. Live life well, and fully, and waste nothing
  2.  Do not fear Difficulty, hard ground makes strong roots.
  3. The only lasting peace is the peace within your soul.
  4. All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.
  5. Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.
  6. Act with wisdom, but act.
  7. From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes- so too, should you.

These teachings shaped the firstborn Sylvari and would later have great bearing on the development of the race.

Magdaer and Sohothin.

Magdaer was an ancient doubled bladed fiery sword from Orr, and once belonging to the Gods of Tyria. It was wielded by King Adelbern and had immense power. It was the same sword that caused the Foefire, the great spell that destroyed the Charr and devastated the humans, ripping the souls from their bodies, which now still roam restlessly through the ruins of Ascalon City.

Sohothin, the flaming sword, was twin to Magdaer, and wielded by Prince Rurik, son of King Adelbern. According to legend it was believed that if the two swords where united by a descendant of King Doric (the descendant being Queen Jenna) then the souls of the Ascalon Guards would be put to rest. Sohothin is now in the hands of the Tribune Rytlock Brimstone. According to records, Eir Stegalkin ( once leader of Destiny’s Edge) believed that if she could retrieve Magdaer from the catacombs in Ascalon, and give it to Logan Thackery , then may be the rift between the two heroes (Logan and Rytlock) would be healed.

Sohothin, the sword of flame!

The Claw of the Khan Ur is an ancient charr sword lost in the ruins of Ascalon City. It is “an ungue, a four-bladed weapon with a central grip”, set with four gems; red, black, grey and gold each representing the children of the first Khan Ur. It was last seen before the Foefire in the hands of the Imperator of the Flame Legion. The Vigil, lead by the charr leader, Almorra Soulkeeper, believed that if the Claw was returned to the charr then hostilities might cease and human and charr could join forces to defeat the common enemy. So a group was set up and sent to the catacombs in Ascalon City to retrieve the Claw. The Claw was later given to the Imperator Smodur the Unflinching as a peace treaty and can now be found in the Imperator’s Core in the Black Citadel.

The Fang of the Serpant is a huge tooth belonging to Jormag, one of the Eldar Dragons. It was brought south by Asgeir Dragonrender, a great norn hero who was guided by the Spirits of the Wild to lead his people south of the Shiverpeaks. The hero who battled the great Ice Dragon and wrenched the huge fang that now hangs in the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak. As of yet nobody has managed to break it. It is believed that the hero who manages to break the tooth will be the one to destroy the dragon.

Jormag’s tooth, now hanging in Hoelbrak. According to the Norn, any who can break it will defeat Jormag.

The Golem’s Eye.

Little is known of the golem’s eye except that it was a huge ruby infused with arcane magic, created by the golemancer Blimm. It was believed to be buried in the crypts beneath Divinity’s Reach. An asura, Clagg, hired a group of adventurers to seek out the eye as it was capable of creating a huge guardian golem, taller than the tallest norn. Clagg called the eye a “self-replicating ambient thaumaturgic construct”, because even if parts of the golem were destroyed it would continue to reform itself for as long as its energy didn’t run out.  The Eye later fell into the hands of the asura Kranxx, a member of the group who was seeking out the Claw of the Khan Ur.

Will we, the players, manage to find all these relics? That is certainly something exciting to think about and not to forget. Exploring Tyria is going to be one huge adventure with a surprise around every corner. So buckle your shoes because it’s going to be one exotic ride!


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The Dragon’s Roar!

“I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighbourhood . . . .But the world that contained even the imagination of Fáfnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever the cost of peril.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

I can’t help but agree with Tolkien. I mean what would our fantasies be without a dragon or two? So I pose the question; Why do we like/love dragons? What’s so fascinating about them? Is it because they’re big and bossy or because they are powerful and wield magical spells? Well, I’ve always wanted to transform myself into one. I can see myself late at night – obviously don’t want anybody to see me, imagine that…..the panic –metamorphosing into this extraordinarily large and magnificent golden dragon with glowing green eyes and soaring all over the country. Take that for a fantasy! Ok, cliché! Do I care? Nope!

What does this have to do with GW2? Let me do a little jig here. Ok, done! Well, if you’re not into the lore you wouldn’t care, would you? Do you have to know the lore to play GW2? Not really, but if you did then you wouldn’t just play it, but you might enjoy it even more! There is no rule which states that players need to know the story to have fun in Tyria, but if they did they would understand the details of what they see around them. That the submerged ruin is old Lion’s Arch or the tower that appears to be floating above Kessex Hills is the Wizard’s Tower……that the beauty of Tyria has come a long way, basically 250 years’ worth of history.

Lion’s Arch Before and After

The open world of GW2 is different from other MMORPGs because players are encouraged to work together and not oppose each other.  The history of Tyria is so diverse and multi-layered that to see Charr and Humans work together is like seeing oil and water performing a tango in a glass. That these two races come together to try to defeat the great evil that has befallen the world.  The Elder Dragons.

The Dragon Primordus

The dragon saga begins with Primordus, 1120AE. He was supposed to have woken in 1078AE, but his champion , The Great Destroyer was defeated by The Great Dwarf, so his awakening was   delayed until the Asura, thinking that he was just a huge entity of power, tapped into that power  and decided to build their Central Transfer Chamber, and this led to their hasty retreat  to the surface. Ah the Asura  – so it was their fault! Blundering little geniuses!

…..and the saga continues with Jormag. The curse of the Norn! Now he began wiggling his whiskers in 1078AE.  He promised power to a Norn warrior, Svanir. The fellow enjoyed that power and became the first champion though he wasn’t really very attractive, half-norn, half-bear and covered in ice – the first of the Icebrood. He was given the name of the Nornbear and GW players get to meet the bugger when they help his sister, Jora to defeat him. Now she was a tough cookie – by killing him she would regain her honour and that of her family and delay the rise of the dragon by 50 years. Not bad! Not bad at all! Unfortunately, Svanir left a legacy, attracting warriors who thought Jormag’s power really cool and they became the Sons of Svanir – who we get to kick around in GW2. An ounce of satisfaction, I must say.

Jormag’s tooth, now hanging in Hoelbrak. According to the Norn, any who can break it will defeat Jormag.

…..but there is no rest for the wicked. Jormag finally emerges in 1165AE, causing the Kodan (intelligent polar-bear like beings)to flee and the Norn to retreat to the south of the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Did I say I like dragons?!

1219AE  the world shakes as Zhaitan, the boss of bosses awakens. Now his humble abode lay beneath the sunken city of Orr. So he decided to see the light of day and in so doing caused a huge wave – wonder if it resembled a tsunami! – which destroyed Lion’s Arch and the Battle Isles and being a dragon of his stature he needed followers, so he decided to control the wandering dead of Orr who became his most obedient and ‘loving’ servants. Now who doesn’t enjoy a good love-story! So big boy Zhaitan has decided to take up residence in the ruins of the holy city of Arah, the ancient city of the gods………and who said dragons weren’t snobs!

Sit back, grab a beer. It’s not over yet! Now there’s not much written about the next dragon. The Deep Sea Dragon. All we know is that he can create tentacle creatures from the water. Got to remember that the next time I go snorkelling!

Could that be Kralkatorrik, still dormant?!

……and last but not least the mean and terrifiying Kralkartorrik. Wow, he’s one mean, bad lizard! He decided to shake the rocks in 1320AE.  He rose in the Charr homelands and flew south over Ascalon and settled in the Crystal Desert. Of course, he wouldn’t have been such a bad dragon if he hadn’t caused the Dragonbrand. As he flew over he destroyed everything, from plants to creatures transforming them into crystal monsters. These were considered to be the branded and in the Finale of the last BWE I got to be one of them. I was branded and my ‘job’ was to try and convert as many players as I could. I bow my head meekly here as I snigger to myself……it was fun! I was transformed into this crystalline ‘monster’ – I didn’t look like a monster to me! – and ran around the Ascalon Plains branding others! Ok! So Kralkatorrik can organise one amazing party, dude!

……and that is the saga of the dragons in GW2. Do you still love them? *whispers* I do! The greatest finale of all will be when we all finally get to meet the big lizard himself, Zhaitan. I often wonder what he looks like.

……so put on your armour, grab your weapons and let’s go and hear the dragon roar!



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The Endgame Jog!

Yesterday (12/07/2012)  in an interview regarding endgame, Eric Flannum and Colin Johanson revealed a number of things to expect in GW2.

1. Levelling to 80

It’s going to be just like in Guild Wars. You level to 80. Then the skill bar goes back to zero allowing you to level again and gain more skill points, though still remaining at 80.  In GW having reached level 20 on one of my characters, it feel like in reality the level cap is higher because I never seem to reach level cap. I find this a good thing because I always seem to have something to achieve.

2. Legendary Items

Achieving legendary items is going to be fun, but challenging . Two examples that were mentioned were the Greatsword and the Short Bow. There are going to be two greatswords. One of Day, showing the sun while the other is Night, showing you the night sky. Using them individually you see day or night, but combining the two is where things get interesting. You use it one way you see day, the other you see night and this item is the most difficult to achieve, which sounds like a challenge to me. I like it!  The second interesting and  fun item  mentioned was a shortbow that shoot arrows with unicorn heads that leave a rainbow trail behind them. Though this won’t really help much if you’re a thief and don’t want to be seen. Certainly a sure way of revealing your position to enemies! Neither of these items give added stats. They’re just cool items to make you look good. Well, I certainly want to look good!

3. The Mystic Forge

Once reaching level 80 you can then go to the mystic forge and achieve spend more skill points by talking to Miyani.

4. Live Support

Live support is going to be extensive as new dynamic events and dungeons are going to be added quite frequently keeping the game fresh. So I’m happy to hear that the game doesn’t end with launch, but only gets better.

5. Orr 

Orr will have fewer NPCs and those that are there will be corrupt, obviously due to the influence of Zhaitan. There even the statues of the gods are corrupted. Orr will have many meta events – more events than any other region.

6. Holiday Events

Holidays events will indeed be present just like they were in GW.  Holidays like Winters Day and the Mad King, where this time around the Mad King will be given a voice. These were all ‘human’ centred events so it will definitely be interesting to see how the other races will fair.

If you’d like to watch the interview, check it out below!

End game with Eric Flannun and Colin Johanson       (P.S move the slider to 4.00 to start the actual interview)

I think GW2 is definitely going to be one interesting ride………and to meet Zhaitan in the end………Wow……no other word can describe it!

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