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Tamriel unhindered.

It’s been a while since I picked up the proverbial pen and wrote something about the games I’m playing. Well, it’s not that I haven’t been playing, on the contrary, I’ve been playing quite a few. Switching between single player RPGs to MMOs. I have played and still have to finish The Wither 3 and Fallout 4, the ongoing saga of Star Wars: The Old Republic and now back to the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. What can I say, I love them all. I want to play them all. The only one I have managed to complete is Dragon Age: Inquisition – but I’m not complaining….it’s like having books, the more I have the happier I feel. Weird!


I jumped back into ESOTU because a friend and fellow blogger, De la Burro mentioned it in one of his posts. I had previously been a beta play and at the time I had come from playing Skyrim – and it was a bad move. Skyrim was still chugging along through my system and it just clashed with ESOTU. I found it frustrating and I couldn’t immerse myself in the world of Tamriel with so many players running around. They were invading my world of intense dungeon crawling, not to mention the hidden chests that I couldn’t open. My lockpicks kept on breaking, time was running out! That’s it! Enough! I threw down the gauntlet!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I went back and it felt so different – no comparing with Skyrim any more and those players running around in my Tamriel – no problem! I am loving it. For some unaccountable reason I can pick locks now without breaking a pick. How did that happen! My character feels so much better second time around, even the crafting feels different and am earning quite a bit of shinies doing crafting writs. I don’t know if it’s down to the changes to the game or me and the way I’m playing it. Whatever the reason, it’s working.

It is such a beautiful game and I love the day/night cycle and the dynamic weather. Exploring and coming upon a unmarked quest or hidden treasure is the ultimate for me and now with The Thieves Guild DLC I’m becoming quite rich! Suddenly my Bosmer (wood elf) is quite the thief! Combat is fun, switching from bow to dual daggers on the fly comes in very handy when those pesky bandits get too close. Though I do have to remember to dodge and roll AND I finally got my sweet ride – a cute piebald destrier. There is nothing like it! Cantering through the spectacular landscape of Tamriel – let’s go for the full immersion!


Trusty friend.

…..and I have to admit searching for crafting nodes is alot of fun (can’t believe I’m actually writing that), picking flowers and looking for mushrooms is the bomb – then running off to create my alchemical concoctions is quite exciting. Now with the Dark Brotherhood DLC coming out May 31st I’ll be able to create posions. So now my Bosmer will not only be a thief, but how about dual wielding assassin! Yep, we’re going to rock this!

I have no idea how all this happened. I never thought I’d be back in Tamriel, but once you’re hooked to the elder scrolls lore, you’ll always be hooked and you’ll always end up reading every book you find……now all I need now is a library to put them in!



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Back into the Fray!

Eventually it had to happen, though sooner than I thought. Tyria hasn’t changed, but the game machines – it’s almost like playing a new game and that in itself was way beyond fun! Wanting to relive that first moment is always a gamers dream and playing GW2 after such a long hiatus (I’m sure it’s been over a year now) was just that – I was playing a new game.

All it takes is some flowers!

All it takes is some flowers!

So many features have changed. Not only have the skills and traits been reorganized, but the Hero panel has been reshuffled with costumes, dyes, and miniature added to the mix. The bank has an extra icon, one that looks like a wardrobe containing all the armour/weapon skins you’ve unlocked and, you know what, I quite like them. The process of hitting a new level has also changed. When you level up you receive rewards, but you are also told what rewards to expect from future levels and that, I think is quite neat – knowing what to expect. Heart quests are completed out in the field which I think is good, less running back and forth to return the quests which means more time spent exploring. New icons have been added to the mini-map. You see a little flashing icon if you’re close to an undiscovered area, namely those that don’t show up on the map and icons of chests when you’re close to hidden treasure, like the chest at the end of a jumping puzzle. Jumping puzzles!! Well, those have remained the same – frustrating as ever. I always stop breathing when I do those, letting out a little yelp after having made a precariously terrifying leap to a ledge which seems miles away. Talk about stress levels reaching a high! I noticed there was also another icon depicting a little man doing a roll. You go to the spot and you learn how to dodge. I guess that’s probably something you’ll only find in a starting area and I’m still in Caledon Forest. I created a Sylvari Ranger. Eventually I’ll go back to my main, Selir (Norn Ranger) and get her all sorted, but for now I’m hitting a new learning curve and I quite like it.

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza

Tyria is still as beautiful as ever and since I’ve upgraded from a series 9 graphics card to a GTX 770 and a new 27” HD monitor the world is a tremendously colourful place and I love having beautiful graphics. Lion’s Arch is way beyond amazing! I ran around like a girl in a gadget store wanting to buy every technological marvel. The beautiful city is the same size as it was, but it feels so huge. I lost my way quite a few times. The Grand Plaza is crazy-huge and the Mystic Forge – magical. I jumped in and changed into a sparkly alien-like creature. Now that would be a neat costume to wear!

Magical sparkly alien

Magical sparkly alien

So many beautiful buildings and remnants of the battle Lion’s Arch went through. So much history. So much lore. I guess that’s why I loved GW in the first place. I was worried that the majestic lion had disappeared. I mean you can’t have Lion’s Arch without a lion, but I found him, still majestic but not as golden, standing guard over the Fractals gateway and all the other gateways. I was happy.

New Lion!

New Lion!

……and GW2 hasn’t backed down on the unexpected either. So there I was with my pet Tigger, wondering the streets of Lion’s Arch and I come across a Norn and a dog called Tommy’s Dog. I walked up close and the “Charm” indicator comes up on my UI and I say “Oooh a new pet” and I charm him……and the Norn begins to cry…..and I realize what I did and I feel so bad. I unintentionally took his pet and I really felt bad. I mean how often do you get that in a game? – you end up feeling bad for an NPC. So, anyway, as you do in GW2 you wait around to see what’s going to happen next. Sure enough another dog comes along, falls in love with Tommy and becomes his pet and Tommy laughs about it, happy that he’s not alone any more. GW2 never disappoints!

Don't cry Tommy, doggy's back!

Don’t cry Tommy, doggy’s back!

…..and as GW2 never disappoints neither do the players who run around in Tyria. Thanks to an amazing blogger and friend, HeadBurro Antfarm, I joined his guild and met some really nice players…..and he was right! When you adventure in Tyria with a group of people it is a whole new experience and a fun one at that – jumping puzzles especially! I think I’m going to be spending more time than I had anticipated. Tyria is feeling like home again.

……and I might finally get to kill Zhaitan!

The adventure begins!

The adventure begins!

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Games, books and summer shades.

Summertime and the living is easy,” the words ring through my mind as I sip my chilled Chardonnay. The best time of year, well, one of them, as I greatly appreciate mulled wind and mince pies too.

Well, what does one do during the long, lazy summer holidays? Well, one can obviously swim, sunbathe and end up sporting a gorgeous tan, naturally, after having administered the highest sun protecting lotion on the market and then forgetting to reapply the product on venturing back up the beach.  One can also indulge in afternoon siestas, the heat acting like a natural tranquiliser, unless there’s an air conditioner in the room, but that would spoil the romantic image of a light breeze creeping through the partially opened balcony doors causing the white lace curtains to gently sway apart.  Then, of course, there’s those summer evening greatly enjoyed by many. I enjoy mine sitting by the sea indulging my taste buds on a typical Mediterranean platter of freshly baked bread, olive oil and tomatoes, not forgetting my wine. Perfection.

       Summer indulgence!

Summer indulgence!

Or one can couple all the above with a good book or eBook.  I prefer the traditional age-old-page-turning, musty smell of a good book, but then again an eBook is a welcome addition to any handbag. So let’s choose both.

There are those who might take up archery or cross stitch. I love archery, always wanted to be a “Legolas”, standing strong with bow in hand, hunting orcs……..and cross stitch is a favourite of mine. I actually have a number of designs to my name. Think I’ll pat myself on the back for that one. Very proud. Yes, I am.

Then there’s gaming.  I would call that my secret love. I don’t really talk about it to anybody. My friends wouldn’t really care and they’d probably think it stupid anyway. A grown woman playing games. Really! Come on, are you serious! Shouldn’t I be doing something more productive like baking – no, that would make the kitchen too hot and it’s summer, hot enough as it is – no thank you.  May be cleaning the house, washing the floor, dusting the furniture. Done that.  Writing a story. In progress……Now it’s just time to relax. It’s game time. It’s time to unbutton the cloak of reality and slip into something more virtual……and there is an entire wardrobe I can slip into; Dragonborn, rogue- archery-Inquisitor, stealth assassin, wasteland explorer, hunter of witches and ghouls and that’s just selecting a few.  I could wear all, but for the sake of this venture I’ll wear my favourite two; Dragonborn – Skyrim and Inquisitor – Dragon Age. Dragon in the name, therefore they equate to something awesome.

There is nothing quite like being the hero of a realm, the one to bring peace, to heal the wounds of the people and give them shelter from the malevolent beings who are hell-bent on destroying their world.  Striding into a captured keep and being hailed; “Welcome Inquisitor”, “You are the Dragonborn.”  Now that deserves a toast.

Where there be dragons, there be Dragonborn!

Where there be dragons, there be Dragonborn!

Just like books, games transport you to other worldly dimensions where the mundane becomes relevant.  Through books I see worlds in my mind’s eye, whereas games translate those same worlds into graphic images.  You can lose yourself in both, become that person you would have liked to become, may be, in real life if only it were possible.  I consider bother genres art forms, both involve a degree of creativity and imagination, both have the capability of transforming the creative spirit into something tangible.  The difference between the game and the book though, is through one you become the protagonist while through the other you are the observer.  In Skyrim I become the Dragonborn. The hero who speaks in the dragon tongue, who uses this newfound strength to defeat Alduin, the devourer of worlds (Alduin being a big, black, mean dragon).  In Dragon Age: Inquisition I become the Inquisitor branded with the key to seal rifts into the Fade, the one who ultimately destroys the creator of the Breach – Corypheus (a very unpleasant guy) and his Red Templars.  Oh the glory and satisfaction, I being the one to heal the world.  Something, I guess, some of us might aspire to.  Heal the world of all rifts and make it a better place.

Inquisitor in command!

Inquisitor in command!

Books, on the other hand, are windows on the past. They mirror the present, they are prisms reflecting the life to come.  Without them we float on stormy seas.  Books are boxes containing priceless artefacts and just like a magic carpet they transport us to unknown lands. We learn to fly among the planets, recognizing the beauty lying on the pages of black print…….and you can become so wrapped up in the story, so emotionally involved with the characters that reality just seems to dwindle away.  I remember the first time I read The Lord of the Rings.  I was still in 6th Form studying for my A Levels and I had nothing else to do during my summer holidays except read.  There I was sitting on the roof under a canopy when Frodo said, “Get off the road” and I held my breath. I literally felt I wasn’t breathing as the Nazgul leaned in to where the hobbits were hiding. I felt so scared. It was so cool! Come on! It’s like watching a movie in your head, suffice to say I felt the same thing at the same point in the actual movie. The printed word bridges the gap between the thoughts and the paper. They paint pictures in a multitude of colours. Words are ultimately the offspring of thoughts and as Lord Byron once said “A drop of ink may make a million think.”

Summer is definitely a good time. Sit back, chillax and enjoy the summer glow.  Well, that’s what I’m going to be doing.

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Undead and carpal tunnel!

So my main character has hit level 80 and I have been venturing forth into the desolation of Malchor’s Leap, and let me tell you, it’s bleak there. Undead everywhere. You’re in constant combat not only with undead nobles, farmers and pirates, but undead chickens that peck at your ankles like there is no tomorrow! Well, I expect it’s bound to be an unsavory place being a level 80 area and Zhaitan‘s nesting ground. I have to admit it’s tiring. So I’ve discovered the best way to relieve the tiredness and carpal tunnel is to work on my alts! Switching back and forth from Orr to Kessex Hills to Metrica Province is just the ticket and buckets of fun!  Sometimes I forget that poor Selir is stuck in desolation as I wonder passed the rolling green pastures of Tyria. I even went and bought myself a new character slot in the January sales.  I’ve been testing out a mesmer, decided to make her from the human race, but might probably change her to asura. Playing with my asura elementalist I forgot just how cute and fun they are…..and they run so fast! You definitely need to take a break from the undead!

The desolation of Malchor's Leap

The desolation of Malchor’s Leap

Crafting has been enjoyable too and I’d forgotten that the chef could craft dye, so that was a pleasant surprise. Naturally, I bought myself some extra bank space……items begin to build up when you play alts! I mean the alts craft elements for each other……being such good friends! 🙂

Dress down for a dive and take a spin around town!

Dress down for a dive and take a spin around town!

Something else that I’ve got into is fashion. I’ve never been much of a fashionista in games. I wasn’t one to bother much in Guild Wars. I was more concerned with running around mowing down mean monsters really, but here in Guild Wars 2 I really enjoy seeing what new armour I’ve picked up, crafted or what I can get from the Karma Vendors……and I can’t wait to finally get to the exotic and legendary armour. I know that many other players have already got to that stage, but, hey, it’s fun taking things slow…..what’s the rush! As Treebeard would say “Don’t be hasty!”  Unfortunately, I missed the fun Wizard’s Hat from the Black Lion Store – though I’m sure the gods that be have more fun stuffed up their sleeves, this is just the beginning!

Sometimes a change of colour does the trick!

Sometimes a change of colour does the trick!

And who said a hero can't be stylish!

And who said a hero can’t be stylish!

Leaving the Eye of Zhaitan to it’s own devises for a while has done wonders for my heroic spirit. Now the question is which jumping puzzle am I going to look for next!

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GW2! A week old!

A week ago today, I woke at 4.00am to be in TeamSpeak with my guildies, so that we would be standing by the doors when GW2 launched. So many things have been accomplished during this week. I have reached level 29 (will probably get to level 30 later on today) because I am an intentionally slow player. There have been players in my guild who have already reached level cap – level 80 and there has even been one player (not in my guild) by the name of MisterSLIN who has actually completed the entire world map of GW2. There have been game crashes, guild bugs, the Trading Post isn’t working. There have been hackers you have stolen accounts, people you have exploited known bugs in the game and were banned (Kudos goes to ArenaNet for being strict and sticking to the TOS)……..all in all a very entertaining week!

A girl likes her bling!

I started off in Hoelbrak and have progressed through the Shiverpeak Mountains, with the occasional pop-over-to-Lion’s Arch to throw things in the Mystic Forge. I did jump over to Divinity’s Reach once and explored a bit of Queensdale, but only because I wanted to reach my required level to be able to continue my storyline……and to just visit Divinity’s Reach……I just love that city! I just love wandering around. A bit of storyline, dynamic events, hearts, gathering material for my crafting professions, killing anything in sight…….so relaxed, but the one thing I enjoy the most is coming across things quite unexpected.

……so there I was exploring the Shiverpeaks and I came upon an outpost. I sold some of my junk and just stood around observing (I tend to do a lot of that) when I overheard one of the NPCs saying that they needed to gather wood to build a bridge, but were bothered that the Dredge might stop them, but they still needed the wood. So off they ran towards the forest. Aha, I said, interesting. So I followed them. They reached a wooded area and proceeded to chop the trees, when suddenly the Dredge appeared…….fun……other players just ran up and fought them with me. We killed all the Dredge. The other players left, but I stayed. The woodcutters collected the wood and headed back to the outpost. I followed. When we arrived back they were told to start building the bridge. Interesting, I couldn’t see a bridge, just a very long drop. Ok, I thought, pretending to build something……….but, oh, wrong! Suddenly the bridge materialized in front of my eyes! I mean, come on, these NPCs just built a bridge and now were assembling a caravan to walk across it to another outpost! I mean WOW! This was real. I could cross the bridge now and a few minutes before I was wondering how to get to the other side. ArenaNet weren’t kidding when they said this was a living, breathing world and what you did actually effected the world around you……..if I hadn’t helped the woodcutters the Dredge might have killed them and the bridge wouldn’t have been built! Crazy! Amazing! Fun!

Another thing which has had me in a jitter are those blasted jumping puzzles. Some are pretty straight forward, but some just…….ooooh…….just test more than your patience! Yesterday I decided to do the Sharkmaw Cavern jumping puzzle with a pirate’s hidden treasure at the end of it. Ok! Good! I like treasure! The beginning was pretty ok…..the spirit of the pirate showed you the way. How sweet, helpful, I thought! WRONG! He’s a crafty bugger that pirate! He leads you to this huge cavern (after having climbed and fallen and died oh so many times already!) which is completely in the dark. You can’t even see a fly on the wall it’s so dark!  So while you’re trying to find the jumps without falling, this pirate just keeps on laughing! At one point I wanted to wring his neck! I fell so many times, but then I found a torch, pirate style……pirate says “Hey that’s cheating!” I say to him “Eat my dust!” The lit torch didn’t last long, but I managed to see some ledges here and there……till finally I got to the last one. Oh – thank – the – spirits! I was so ready to give up! But no! Ain’t going to let some measly, transparent pirate defeat me, a Norn! No way! Reached the final, huge flat rock and was faced with three waterfalls. I chose the one that looked most dangerous and I seemed to have picked the right one! Down I fell into a pool to be greeted by that voice again. Ooooh wait till I get my hands on him! Oh! Beautiful cavern with treasure! Nice! Very nice! Then he says I’m going to be stuck there forever with him………….YEAH!……no! Ha! Ha! Found my way out through a hole in the wall not before grabbing the loot. All in all satisfying when you finally get to the end of it, but boy, oh boy, I could have done with a bit of rum!

“Hey, Mr. Pirate! Eat my dust!”

Yes! Guild Wars 2 is a HUGE entertainment park and I’ve only just started my adventure. I’m going to need a truck full of cookies (chocolate chip) to help me on my way. Need LOADS of energy for all that trekking!

……now where did I put the rum!

Pink is so pretty!

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It’s a Launch! Straight to the stratosphere!

The 3rd day. Pre-order day. All have come and gone and today, Official Launch Day (28/08/2012) dawns bright and clear. It’s been a fun packed four days for those who got the chance to play prior to launch and now it’s OFFICIAL……GW2 is a go! Launching up into the stratosphere and brightening up the gaming universe!

I have been taking it nice and easy, nice and slow. There’s so much to do, why rush it, I say. Yesterday I decided to take a break from doing dynamic events and personal story-line and journeyed to Lion’s Arch to explore a bit. Diving into the clear waters of the harbour was just fabulous and I swam to part of the harbour that I had never been before and it was so deep, it was actually scary…….on my way up I had the most amazing surprise…….I saw a humpback whale. I mean…..OH MY GOSH…..a whale! It’s these unexpected little things that makes playing GW2 so much fun, ‘cause you never know what lies around the corner!

The humpback whale in Lion’s Arch! Think am going to call him Tiny!

……well, best get back to those jumping puzzles….so much to do! So much to do!

Selir feeling funky in her new hat!

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Tyria! My new home!

I packed my bags. I’ve got my passport! Everything is set! I’m going to move into my new home now!

Day One is over and I can’t believe it! After all this waiting I finally got to walk through the doors and this time to stay there forever (depending on how log forever is!) I tried to pull an all nighter, but having woken up at 3.00am (-1 GMT) because I couldn’t sleep, then getting into TeamSpeak with my guildies at 4.00am and then…..oh YEAH…..logging into the game at 6.00am, I just couldn’t make it to midnight! You know how it is, when you just don’t get enough sleep, you feel kind of spaced out…….but getting to finally play the game, knowing that this time your characters are going to stay, is just fantastic! I felt like one of those kids who wakes up really early on Christmas Day to be the first to get to those presents under the tree!

As you’re going into Hoelbrak! The Spirits of the Wild! Bear. Wolf. Snow Leopard. Raven

So I created my main; Selir, Norn Ranger. Took me about 20 mins, more or less, because I already knew how I wanted her to look. Did the intro and then just ran around the Norn main town of Hoelbrak. It was completely new because I hadn’t gone into it during the BWEs or the stress test. Hoelbrak is so cool! Literally! Snowflakes falling all over the place! Magic, in my opinion! Then I remembered that if I didn’t create my other characters I’d lose my names. So back out to the character creation screen……….and I spent a fun hour creating my other 4 characters: Amarillys, Sylvari Necromancer; Qamar, Asura Elementalist; Kattsklaw, Charr Engineer and Alistine, Human Guardian. My beautiful 5 girls!

My 5 girls standing beside the statue of Jora! From left to right. Qamar. Kattsklaw. Selir. Alistine. Amarrillys.

It is so easy to lose track of time, so much to discover around every corner. OK! The game still has some issues, but that’s a given. I mean it’s a new game and there are bound to be bugs. No matter how much the developers tested the game out before am sure there are bugs which didn’t present themselves during those stress tests and BWEs, but it’s no big deal. They’ll be sorted eventually and, obviously, this is computers we’re talking about here……..machines, programming tend to do funny things…….and it IS just the first two days, so duh! People need to be more patient and not complain. As far as I’m concerned ArenaNet have done a fantastic job and created a game which – I have to say – I am completely hooked, line and ‘sinkered’ to!

The Spirit of Wolf!

………and today is the second day and I have slept well, had my coffee and am ready to rock Tyria!

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Stress on the Dance floor!

The stress test (21/08/2010) is over and I thought I’d be very organized, go in and prepare my character for Saturday’s launch. Yeah! Right! Well, that didn’t happen.

On first logging in I met my guildies beneath the Golden Lion in Lion’s Arch, standing on the world……and what did we check out?! Oh Yeah! The one emote that I have been waiting for……/dance! I mean, oh, what utter fun. I mean really! Just stupid, silly fun! It’s amazing how such a tiny thing could have us giggling like little kids, especially when watching those – in my opinion – adorable asura doing their thing! This is one emote that I’m going to be using on a regular basis. One of our guild leaders managed to record the event. That is one item to slip into the guild journal!

Then it was kick butt in WvWvW!…….and I was supposed to be creating my new persona, but can you honestly refuse such an enticing and fun-packed outing? Not when you’re going to be running around with the Knights of the Isle!…..and by the end of it I was exhausted. It’s a tiring job conquering the world!

Knights of the Isle Rock n’ Roll!

This time around the stress test wasn’t so stressful. It didn’t take me forever to log in, though I did crash once or twice and logging into areas such as Lion’s Arch did take a bit longer than usual. The Black Lion Trading Post wasn’t working for me, but I did receive my Hero’s Band. Other than that it was four hours of fun. Oh wow, do I like that word! It rolls on my tongue like chocolate fudge! F – U – N!

Supreme actors on the ‘guilded’ stage!

……and we wait! Just two more days! TWO MORE DAYS and I think I’m going to be moving to Tyria permanently!

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End of An Era Party!

The End of an Era party (18/08/2012) kicked off in Ascalon City in all the International Districts. I happened to be in International District 1. It was so much fun to see all those players, it made the world seem so alive, so vibrant, an element that will definitely be present in GW2. In GW you could only get this vibe when you were in the cities or outposts because otherwise, in the wide world you were alone as GW is a heavily instanced game.

Let the party begin!

The party was hosted by GW-EN (Gaming World Entertainment Network). Players who couldn’t get to the party could follow the live feed (credit goes to their Twitch channel, through their Facebook page or through Twitter. MALIBU Barbie was the DJ and entertained the party goers with an eclectic mix of songs, ranging from the 80’s, 90’s and to the present day. There were also trivia questions based on GW lore and prizes were given out both in-game and through their community sites. To make the occasion more special two very important ArenaNet employees made an appearance, Mike Zadorojny and Rubi.

Mike Z and Rubi!

Throughout the party Barbie read out memories of GW sent to her by some of those that were in-game as well as from those that were out of game. I haven’t been playing GW as long as most of those that were present, but I can try to imagine what lovely memories they must have. Seven years of playing a game is no joke. It’s a lifetime of memories, friendships and for some even loves. It’s strange when you think about it. MMOs are not just games, but are community networks, where people from all over the world get together to join in combat and chat and make new friends. The world no longer seems to be such a huge place. You can check what the party was like in this YouTube link.

I love virtual parties and I’ve been to many, but this is my first in a game such as GW and it was a blast! I enjoy commenting in open chat with the best of them. One comment I made, I must say, was quoted by Barbie herself. I asked “What countries are present at the moment?” and it was brilliant to see the names popping up in chat; Ireland, Spain, Malta, Croatia, USA, Canada and Singapore! MAGIC!

The finale was just as much fun as all the dancing! The players ran around the entire map of GW to the tune of Benny Hill…….now that definitely brings back memories! It was so much fun! I managed to follow them to Lion’s Arch and the Eye of the North, but then at one point I couldn’t catch up, so I shifted to the live stream. Honestly, I was breathless just watching them scoot all over the place, but it was so funny watching them running in single file to the Benny Hill theme. Hilarious!

Listening to all those memories and watching the players was a bit sad, but then again, to think a new era is about to begin and new memories are going to be made. I am so looking forward to the parties in GW2, we are so going to ROCK THE HOUSE!

Rocking the House in Lion’s Arch!

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GW2 and The W!

I hate waiting. I’ve always hated having to wait. I’m a creature of punctuality. I will always be on time and I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember and being punctual doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with waiting. Punctual people are always kept waiting.Ok! I’m generalizing, but I’m talking about ‘me’ here and ‘me’ has to really distract herself this week, otherwise it’s going to be a long six days of waiting.

So to keep myself occupied I’ve been working on my characters. I’ve worked out race and name. Now I’ve been thinking of my characters’ crafting professions. So far the list runs thus:

Norn Ranger -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Sylvari Necromancer  -> Jeweler/Tailor

Asura Elementalist  -> Artificer/Chef ?

Charr Engineer -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Human Guardian -> Armoursmith/Weaponsmith

The only two I’m not 100% sure of are the Elementalist and the Engineer. I know Chef is the most expensive of the professions, but not sure if the Ele should be the one to do it. Anyway I was thinking that my other characters could definitely chip in with the cash. While H/L for the Charr seemed the most natural, considering the weapons I can make and the armour my Charr would be able to wear. I sometimes wish there were 10 crafting professions instead of 8. Oh well, I’m not complaining I’m just trying to avoid the conscious thought. I don’t even want to utter or write the word. I’ll just refer to it as The W!

Now that my professions are kind of sorted, I think I’ll move on to their character sheets. Now THAT will definitely keep me busy and I honestly think I might be able to keep The W at bay………and that means more material for my blog!

Ok! Ok! Now I’m a happy bunny. W, I say, be gone!…… as she moves away humming “Fear Not This Night“!

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