Stress test and small bites!

Today (15/08/2012) there’s going to be yet another stress test – possibly to test out the new NVIDIA driver for GW2.  Am I happy? Oh boy! Oh yes! I keep telling myself  “no, don’t bother, you don’t need to torture yourself any longer. Only a week-ish to go, so why bother?” Well, because I’m in love and I still want to test out a couple more professions. I think I’ll try guardian, but I’ll also muck around with my engineer (didn’t have much time during the last test) and try to figure out the mesmer, which I found to be bit more complicated than the others. Four hours to have lots more fun!

Following Twitter I spotted a really fun tit bit, that Guild Wars 2 is going to have its own official song. Now that’s just absolutely spiffy! The music is composed by the one and only Jeremy Soule and the lyrics by none other than the Lore-master herself, Ree Soesbee. It’s called Fear Not This Night!  – I think I’m going to faint! –  It’s going to be released on the 17th August through Amazon. Go to the link here and sample the song for yourself. Guild Wars 2 is actually going to have its own song! Wow! Oh Wow! – I think I’ll do a little jig here!

ArenaNet have also released a list of the worlds of Guild Wars 2, you can go here for more information. I’ve happily planted my roots on Underworld.

……and finally to top off my post today –  ArenaNet have posted their own bit of news regarding the final countdown advising pre-purchasers to hit the log in button at least 3 hours before actual launch:

       please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior.

For more information check this link.

So fellow Tyrians, grab your bags. It’s nearly time!

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Stress who? Me or it!?

We’re getting closer and closer to THE day and funnily enough I’m not excited. I think it’s the lull before the storm. I mean it’s useless getting all hyped up and excited now when there are still a couple of weeks in between……at least I want to be able to sleep at night!

We had a stress test yesterday (9/08/2012) and it definitely was a test. It’s the first stress test where I actually had problems. Nobody could log in. Half an hour after it had begun ArenaNet brought the servers down. In all we might have played 3 hours, but I did crash once or twice when I could actually log in especially when I tried going into WvWvW.  Then again this was a stress test, better for the servers to have problems now rather than at launch and even then you can never be sure.

During play I noticed some changes:

1. Enhanced graphics. Oh wow! When I eventually logged in I found myself in Lion’s Arch, down by the water’s edge and boy oh boy! The water was just absolutely superb! It looked extremely real and so very inviting. Honestly, if I could, I would have dived right in!

Just looking at the water makes you want to grab your bathing suit!

2. Changes to the UI. Hovering your mouse over a skill will show you the skill chain. I found that very useful though it can clutter your screen a bit, but I’m sure the guys at AreaNet will sort that out eventually.

3. Target range. Now you can tell whether you are in range of a target or not because red lines appear underneath your skills. If the skill is an AoE then you will see a small red circle.

4. Mystic Chests have now been given a new name – Black Lion Chests.

For a complete list of the changes that were made go to:

List of stress test changes on Reddit

Guild Wars 2 Guru Database Update

I can’t wait to be able to log in and play for as long as I want with the knowledge that I can play whenever I want…….no limits whatsoever! I…..just……want……to……play!

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Stress test and surprises!

Well, the stress test is over and as happens every time I play a bit of GW2, I’ve had a blast! Meeting up with my guildies and playing the fool was just the ticket and certainly relieves the accumulated “stress” waiting for the game to launch.

I didn’t notice any particular changes from the previous BWE so I guess they have been optimizing the game and fixing bugs, which is a very good thing. I only crashed about three times, which was to be expected it being a stress test and all, but otherwise the game ran as smooth as silk. I dabbled in the jumping puzzle in the Eternal Battlegrounds, but didn’t manage to get to the end because we were warped back to Lion’s Arch, presumably because they were fixing and tweaking the maps.

Us guildies having a blast…….let’s dive!

After that it was muck around in Lion’s Arch, jump off the diving board and continue to explore Rata Sum……..and it was while in Rata Sum, close to the end of the stress test that I got a pleasant surprise. Check out the picture below and see for yourselves!

Surprise! Can you guess?

Will we have another stress test I wonder? Who knows, I doubt we’ll have another BWE, but I’m not complaining. At this point I’d rather play the full game than play for a little while and then have my character deleted……I want to continue to have fun!

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The Endgame Jog!

Yesterday (12/07/2012)  in an interview regarding endgame, Eric Flannum and Colin Johanson revealed a number of things to expect in GW2.

1. Levelling to 80

It’s going to be just like in Guild Wars. You level to 80. Then the skill bar goes back to zero allowing you to level again and gain more skill points, though still remaining at 80.  In GW having reached level 20 on one of my characters, it feel like in reality the level cap is higher because I never seem to reach level cap. I find this a good thing because I always seem to have something to achieve.

2. Legendary Items

Achieving legendary items is going to be fun, but challenging . Two examples that were mentioned were the Greatsword and the Short Bow. There are going to be two greatswords. One of Day, showing the sun while the other is Night, showing you the night sky. Using them individually you see day or night, but combining the two is where things get interesting. You use it one way you see day, the other you see night and this item is the most difficult to achieve, which sounds like a challenge to me. I like it!  The second interesting and  fun item  mentioned was a shortbow that shoot arrows with unicorn heads that leave a rainbow trail behind them. Though this won’t really help much if you’re a thief and don’t want to be seen. Certainly a sure way of revealing your position to enemies! Neither of these items give added stats. They’re just cool items to make you look good. Well, I certainly want to look good!

3. The Mystic Forge

Once reaching level 80 you can then go to the mystic forge and achieve spend more skill points by talking to Miyani.

4. Live Support

Live support is going to be extensive as new dynamic events and dungeons are going to be added quite frequently keeping the game fresh. So I’m happy to hear that the game doesn’t end with launch, but only gets better.

5. Orr 

Orr will have fewer NPCs and those that are there will be corrupt, obviously due to the influence of Zhaitan. There even the statues of the gods are corrupted. Orr will have many meta events – more events than any other region.

6. Holiday Events

Holidays events will indeed be present just like they were in GW.  Holidays like Winters Day and the Mad King, where this time around the Mad King will be given a voice. These were all ‘human’ centred events so it will definitely be interesting to see how the other races will fair.

If you’d like to watch the interview, check it out below!

End game with Eric Flannun and Colin Johanson       (P.S move the slider to 4.00 to start the actual interview)

I think GW2 is definitely going to be one interesting ride………and to meet Zhaitan in the end………Wow……no other word can describe it!

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Genius or the Dream!

Yesterday ARENANET posted some news that loads of excited players were waiting for. We, the new heroes, get that chance to roll out an asura or sylvari character! I am just so thrilled at the idea, I mean after having read and heard so much about them, I want to get in and I want to know!  To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do, whether to wait until launch or to go ahead and play both during the BWEs. One part of me wants to keep it as a surprise, while the other wants to dive in and take a trip around Rata Sum and walk under the cool shadow of Pale Tree.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see and go with the flow, do things on the spur of the moment. Knowing me curiosity is just going to win me over!

Time to delve into that which is genius!

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The new dawn is upon us!

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all seen it now! Drum roll. The date. 28th August 2012. Life as we know it is about to change. Many people are just going to disappear. Family members, friends will be searching for them high and low, but they shall not be found. Headlines will be posted, requests will be sent out “Where are they?” “Where have they gone?” “What shall become of them?” All to no avail. For they are not here any more. Have they been kidnapped?  No.  Have they decided to stop all communication?  May be. Where…..are……they? Let us join our hands together, let us join in union. They have travelled to a new dimension………….the dimension of GUILD WARS 2.

Silence. Acceptance. It is futile. They are gone and it is here!

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