The new year and my hero wakes up!

How time flies! The new year and I’m finally back in the game. Having stepped away from GW2 for a while due to real life commitments, the return has been nostalgic and so much fun! I never realized how much I missed my role as the Tyrian hero until Tyria opened up before me again! It was great to listen in to the Guild chat and speak with my guildies again……so much banter and silly fun! I guess sometimes you just realize that you do need fun, not just the fun of going out with friends, but the fun that you can stay home (and without spending a penny), sit back, relax and conquer evil! 🙂

I finally succeeded in taking my main character (Norn Ranger) to level 80, though I still have TONS to do; finish my personal story, complete the world map, dungeons, fractals, level my crafting professions, craft legendary armor and weapons, not to mention play with my other characters……oh dear, the list just goes on!  I’m actually glad it is a long list of ‘work’ left to do……and that is a first! 🙂

Pumpkins make good pie!

Pumpkins make good pie!

Going back to Tyria was filled with nostalgic memories of the first time the doors opened and the heroes poured in, it was as magical now as it was then! Regrettably, I missed both Hallowe’en and Wintersday, though I did pop in a couple of times to see what was going on, but I didn’t stay long enough to complete much. I loved the way ANET changed the settings on both occasions, so atmospheric! They did a fabulous job. I’m hoping to be around for the next bout of activities! 🙂

My favorite time of year!

My favorite time of year!

A fun thing that I noticed was that the ANET team kept their promise of inserting new events………up to you to find out which they are! One I really enjoyed doing, personal satisfaction really, was the quiz in Queensdale regarding Destiny’s Edge. Having read both books (looking forward to the third, Sea of  Sorrows, this coming year) and done alot of research regarding the exploits of the characters and lore of Tyria…….I was asked by a group of children, hiding in their secret cave, questions about the well known heroes of Tyria………and I got them all correct! Woot! 😀 ……….as I stand back taking my hero stand!

Yes, it’s good to be back……….the journey continues!



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