It’s a Launch! Straight to the stratosphere!

The 3rd day. Pre-order day. All have come and gone and today, Official Launch Day (28/08/2012) dawns bright and clear. It’s been a fun packed four days for those who got the chance to play prior to launch and now it’s OFFICIAL……GW2 is a go! Launching up into the stratosphere and brightening up the gaming universe!

I have been taking it nice and easy, nice and slow. There’s so much to do, why rush it, I say. Yesterday I decided to take a break from doing dynamic events and personal story-line and journeyed to Lion’s Arch to explore a bit. Diving into the clear waters of the harbour was just fabulous and I swam to part of the harbour that I had never been before and it was so deep, it was actually scary…….on my way up I had the most amazing surprise…….I saw a humpback whale. I mean…..OH MY GOSH…..a whale! It’s these unexpected little things that makes playing GW2 so much fun, ‘cause you never know what lies around the corner!

The humpback whale in Lion’s Arch! Think am going to call him Tiny!

……well, best get back to those jumping puzzles….so much to do! So much to do!

Selir feeling funky in her new hat!

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5 thoughts on “It’s a Launch! Straight to the stratosphere!

  1. I went diving yesterday too 🙂 Well.. belly flopping, more like lol. I was giggling so much watching my character flail around before I discovered you could actually *do* flips etc. I also laughed at Tiny 😉 I’m going to have to do some more swimming so I can see that big guy.

    • Oh you can ‘flip’? How do you do that? I just belly flop, not very lady-like I must say! I must definitely look into that! 😉

      • Yep! If you approach the board you can “interact” with it and your character puts on Goggles. Then 1 and 2 become turns and flips you can perform once you leap off of the diving board. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

  2. I loved this post and the mentality/approach to the game. (Sorry for being so tardy in commenting… I… uh… have been somewhere else lately 😉 )

    • Yeah, I can understand… kind of get wrapped up in things! I know the feeling so well! 😉

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