Tyria! My new home!

I packed my bags. I’ve got my passport! Everything is set! I’m going to move into my new home now!

Day One is over and I can’t believe it! After all this waiting I finally got to walk through the doors and this time to stay there forever (depending on how log forever is!) I tried to pull an all nighter, but having woken up at 3.00am (-1 GMT) because I couldn’t sleep, then getting into TeamSpeak with my guildies at 4.00am and then…..oh YEAH…..logging into the game at 6.00am, I just couldn’t make it to midnight! You know how it is, when you just don’t get enough sleep, you feel kind of spaced out…….but getting to finally play the game, knowing that this time your characters are going to stay, is just fantastic! I felt like one of those kids who wakes up really early on Christmas Day to be the first to get to those presents under the tree!

As you’re going into Hoelbrak! The Spirits of the Wild! Bear. Wolf. Snow Leopard. Raven

So I created my main; Selir, Norn Ranger. Took me about 20 mins, more or less, because I already knew how I wanted her to look. Did the intro and then just ran around the Norn main town of Hoelbrak. It was completely new because I hadn’t gone into it during the BWEs or the stress test. Hoelbrak is so cool! Literally! Snowflakes falling all over the place! Magic, in my opinion! Then I remembered that if I didn’t create my other characters I’d lose my names. So back out to the character creation screen……….and I spent a fun hour creating my other 4 characters: Amarillys, Sylvari Necromancer; Qamar, Asura Elementalist; Kattsklaw, Charr Engineer and Alistine, Human Guardian. My beautiful 5 girls!

My 5 girls standing beside the statue of Jora! From left to right. Qamar. Kattsklaw. Selir. Alistine. Amarrillys.

It is so easy to lose track of time, so much to discover around every corner. OK! The game still has some issues, but that’s a given. I mean it’s a new game and there are bound to be bugs. No matter how much the developers tested the game out before am sure there are bugs which didn’t present themselves during those stress tests and BWEs, but it’s no big deal. They’ll be sorted eventually and, obviously, this is computers we’re talking about here……..machines, programming tend to do funny things…….and it IS just the first two days, so duh! People need to be more patient and not complain. As far as I’m concerned ArenaNet have done a fantastic job and created a game which – I have to say – I am completely hooked, line and ‘sinkered’ to!

The Spirit of Wolf!

………and today is the second day and I have slept well, had my coffee and am ready to rock Tyria!

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8 thoughts on “Tyria! My new home!

  1. Ahh, 5 beeeootiful lasses indeed! It sounds as though you are having a blast and I can’t wait to join you in my new home too, as soon as this damned inconvenient holiday is over 😀


    • damn keyboard on the phone crshed mid comment! i was aboit to ask what manner of bugs have you encountered.

    • Oh I am having a blast! You are going to love it! 😀 Well, some people have been having log in issues. I’m having problems with the Guild Panel. I see my friends in the guild, but I am unable to join when an invite is sent. The Black Lion Trading Post wasn’t working and there were some worlds both in NA and EU finding it a problem to get into WvWvW. But these are all teething issues and I have a feeling that’s why we got 3 days headstart, I mean only when the game went live would the real problems pop up. This is not a test brought on by the devs, this is the real thing.

      Anyway, I’m still enjoying myself so much! I don’t even realize that I’m hitting the levels. There is so much to do. I’m trying the crafting skills now and they’re fun! I seem to want to collect everything I see! 😀 Cut down every Aspen, collect every vegetable…….and it’s only been 2 days! 😀

  2. haha 😀 Awesome. I’m in GMT -6.. My fiance and I have been anticipating this game for quite some time! I wasn’t willing to take time off of work for it, but we compromised–took a nap at 7pm until 10:30pm, hit the gas station for some coffee/energy drinks and stayed up until 5am playing. Then, I got up again at 8am to play for a few more hours. Loving it so far!

    • /giggles 😀 What we do for a game! I mean, really, honestly! Don’t you think it’s just yummy all this madness?! We go as far as changing our sleeping habits just so we can run around killing centaurs and other fantastic creatures, jumping crazy puzzles, exploring wild places……and the list goes on!……and it feels so good! 😀 It’s only been two days and it’s the best MMO I’ve ever played……EVER! 😀 /dances the Charlton

      • /dances gangam style
        haha, it’s awesome. I love everything about it. I discovered the diving board tonight… took screen caps and laughed so much as my character belly flopped so hard hahaha.. Goodness, what fun!

      • 😀 I mean, honestly, what game makes you do that….feel ridiculous and you enjoy it that way! 😀 I saw a Humpbacked Whale as I swam through the waters of Lion’s Arch! I mean wow and wow! 😀

      • I saw that and showed my fiance this morning! I was like “There’s a WHALE in Lion’s Arch! A WHALE!” lol I really must go find that thing and see for myself.

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