GW2 and The W!

I hate waiting. I’ve always hated having to wait. I’m a creature of punctuality. I will always be on time and I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember and being punctual doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with waiting. Punctual people are always kept waiting.Ok! I’m generalizing, but I’m talking about ‘me’ here and ‘me’ has to really distract herself this week, otherwise it’s going to be a long six days of waiting.

So to keep myself occupied I’ve been working on my characters. I’ve worked out race and name. Now I’ve been thinking of my characters’ crafting professions. So far the list runs thus:

Norn Ranger -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Sylvari Necromancer  -> Jeweler/Tailor

Asura Elementalist  -> Artificer/Chef ?

Charr Engineer -> Huntsman/Leatherworker

Human Guardian -> Armoursmith/Weaponsmith

The only two I’m not 100% sure of are the Elementalist and the Engineer. I know Chef is the most expensive of the professions, but not sure if the Ele should be the one to do it. Anyway I was thinking that my other characters could definitely chip in with the cash. While H/L for the Charr seemed the most natural, considering the weapons I can make and the armour my Charr would be able to wear. I sometimes wish there were 10 crafting professions instead of 8. Oh well, I’m not complaining I’m just trying to avoid the conscious thought. I don’t even want to utter or write the word. I’ll just refer to it as The W!

Now that my professions are kind of sorted, I think I’ll move on to their character sheets. Now THAT will definitely keep me busy and I honestly think I might be able to keep The W at bay………and that means more material for my blog!

Ok! Ok! Now I’m a happy bunny. W, I say, be gone!…… as she moves away humming “Fear Not This Night“!

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4 thoughts on “GW2 and The W!

  1. Not sure why you would want to do huntsman/leatherworker on two different characters when everything can be shared in the bank? I was going to do chef as her only crafting profession on the character I’m planning on playing most often, as it seems a lot of chef recipes will require Karma and the associated merchant opened up. That will balance it out being the most “expensive” profession too. And one character will be only a jeweler. All my girls will be sending all the crafting components they harvest or loot into the bank, so even though not every girl will have two crafts, they will all be contributing 🙂

    • Duh, I didn’t think of that, you have a point! Hmmmmm……may be the Charr could be the chef? and the Asura could just be the artificer…..I guess there’s nothing wrong with a Charr being the chef! Can you believe this! Confused about professions!…..but to be honest it’s fun though! Glad I have a couple more days to go to think about it! 😀

      • As long as the charr keeps her fur out of the hamburgers! I can’t wait till Saturday, it can’t come fast enough. Just to get everyone settled in! I keep going back and forth with who is doing what on my girls. Can’t make up my mind!

  2. “As long as the charr keeps her fur out of the hamburgers!”

    Yeah! You know what, I like the way you think. I think my Charr Engineer will make a good chef! I mean, let’s face it, firing pistols and carrying a backpack full of heavy equipment is hard work…..takes alot out of you!

    Well, that’s one chore I can tick off my “To Do List”! 😀

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