Stress easy!

Why is it every time I log into GW2 I feel confused, wandering aimlessly through the world? It’s probably because I feel rushed, 4 hours and all. Going into the stress test (15/08/2012) didn’t feel as exciting as when I first logged on that 1st BWE. I think it’s because I don’t want to spoil things for myself. I don’t want to discover those hidden places even accidentally. I want them to remain hidden until launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing GW2 and I love experiencing it even if for just 4 hours, but I find it so hard to restrain myself. So during this last stress test I decided to concentrate on creating a guardian……and I really liked her. She felt extremely powerful and easy to create combs with other players and being a human seemed to suit her just fine. I didn’t craft, I didn’t follow any of the personal story. I just ran around Queensdale doing dynamic events and joining up with my guildies. I mean launch is just practically a week away……so, it’s like “why bother?”

Human Guardian

Ready for the next challenge!

Anyway now I’ve tried out all the professions and all races and have finally decided on what my team of five are going to be. Well, I’m sure there will be more than five, but at the moment these five will definitely keep me going for quite a while.

My famous *cough, cough* five (starting from my main):

Norn Ranger

Sylvari Necromancer

Asura Elementalist

Charr Engineer

Human Guardian

One thing I hope to avoid with GW2 is burnout. That’s what happened with Lotro. I played every day from the afternoon right through up till midnight, then the weekends it would be the entire day stopping only for lunch and coffee.  By the time I reached level 65  – that was close to 5 months from beginning to end of play – I just couldn’t be bothered with killing another orc (I was a hunter). Mirkwood was the last place I ventured in. I guess you can actually get mentally tired with a game and sitting for such long hours wasn’t one of the best things I did.

So this time around there really isn’t any reason to rush. No subscription, no deadlines, no having to rush to level cap to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more if I pace myself, though I’m not going to be fool enough to promise myself anything…..too risky!

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4 thoughts on “Stress easy!

  1. I have been playing LoTR myself while waiting for GW2 and I have not even been able to get myself to log on this last week. Your list of soon to be played characters is very similar to mine.

    Norn Ranger –> Sylvari Ranger

    Sylvari Necromancer –> Human Necromancer

    Asura Elementalist — > me too! Don’t you love they way the flip around when casting.

    Charr Engineer –> me too! What else would a charr be anyway 🙂

    Human Guardian –> Norn Warrior

    The last two stress tests I did the same as you, just wandered around randomly and tried not to see anything but what I’ve already seen. So close now!

    • After having adventured through The Grove I did consider making a Sylvari Ranger, it seems to fit the race so nicely, but having read the books I think I just really liked Eir. Well, actually I liked all the characters, but I like the idea of the Spirits of the Wild……and the Charr! I mean, come on! 😀 Having seen the Black Citadel, it was like…duh….obviously. I like the idea of a Charr using a pistol! 😀

      And to think Saturday next we will be in Tyria for a very, very long time. It’s crazy! It’s so exciting! We are going to have a blast! 😀

  2. I had the same feelings as you in regards to feeling rushed. I don’t mind so much the spoiling or needing to save things, but the playstyle is WAY different from Lotro. I tried elementalist which was uber confusing with its multitude of skills and attunement switching. I wanted time to really read, practice, sort it out, but also felt the need to experience it a lot, plus other profession so I can decide what profession I want as a main (I didn’t get to play any betas). So the feeling of being rushed and knowing time was ticking hindered my enjoyment. I’m looking forward to being able to take my time. 🙂

    • “I’m looking forward to being able to take my time.”
      You are so right, the mere thought of it is just unbelievable considering we’ve been waiting so long for this game. Soon we’ll be able to sit back and REALLY enjoy the game! 🙂

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