Stress test and small bites!

Today (15/08/2012) there’s going to be yet another stress test – possibly to test out the new NVIDIA driver for GW2.  Am I happy? Oh boy! Oh yes! I keep telling myself  “no, don’t bother, you don’t need to torture yourself any longer. Only a week-ish to go, so why bother?” Well, because I’m in love and I still want to test out a couple more professions. I think I’ll try guardian, but I’ll also muck around with my engineer (didn’t have much time during the last test) and try to figure out the mesmer, which I found to be bit more complicated than the others. Four hours to have lots more fun!

Following Twitter I spotted a really fun tit bit, that Guild Wars 2 is going to have its own official song. Now that’s just absolutely spiffy! The music is composed by the one and only Jeremy Soule and the lyrics by none other than the Lore-master herself, Ree Soesbee. It’s called Fear Not This Night!  – I think I’m going to faint! –  It’s going to be released on the 17th August through Amazon. Go to the link here and sample the song for yourself. Guild Wars 2 is actually going to have its own song! Wow! Oh Wow! – I think I’ll do a little jig here!

ArenaNet have also released a list of the worlds of Guild Wars 2, you can go here for more information. I’ve happily planted my roots on Underworld.

……and finally to top off my post today –  ArenaNet have posted their own bit of news regarding the final countdown advising pre-purchasers to hit the log in button at least 3 hours before actual launch:

       please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior.

For more information check this link.

So fellow Tyrians, grab your bags. It’s nearly time!

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One thought on “Stress test and small bites!

  1. I’ve always loved the music provided by Jeremy Soule, and I have no doubt (after listening to that sample) that this piece of music will enhance my experience of the game also.

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