To stress or not to stress! (12/08/2010)

I was too comfortable on the sofa, I thought one hour of stress-test-frenzy was too short. I’d probably spend my time looking at the log-in screen, right? Or continuously crashing, yeah?…….and anyway what could I possibly do in an hour? Wrong on all three counts! I logged in without a hitch. Clean and smooth, so I said “brilliant, now let’s test my engineer!” Not exactly. I spent the entire hour running around the Black Citadel! I just love the cities. There is so much to see and watch and I probably haven’t even explored 1% of it yet……*claps hands in glee*……more to do when game launches!

…….and the Charr are so much fun and so cute – I better not say that out loud, I don’t think the Charr would appreciate the term ‘cute’ –  I think I’m in love!

My kitty!

During my one hour run around in the Black Citadel I noticed an interesting change in my mini-map. Waypoints that hadn’t been discovered yet where represent by large icons. The moment you found them they shrunk in size. This though doesn’t appear to have effected what they look like in the main map. Hmmm…..interesting!  A good or bad thing? Not sure. Well, the discovered waypoints tend to be really tiny on the mini-map, so you’ll have to keep switching back to your large map to find them. Will this affect game play? I have no idea, time was short. We’ll see.

Red circle – discovered WP. Red arrow – undiscovered WP

……and it’s the final countdown. Two weeks to go. I can’t believe it’s just around the corner……..and then…….yeah!


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