Stress who? Me or it!?

We’re getting closer and closer to THE day and funnily enough I’m not excited. I think it’s the lull before the storm. I mean it’s useless getting all hyped up and excited now when there are still a couple of weeks in between……at least I want to be able to sleep at night!

We had a stress test yesterday (9/08/2012) and it definitely was a test. It’s the first stress test where I actually had problems. Nobody could log in. Half an hour after it had begun ArenaNet brought the servers down. In all we might have played 3 hours, but I did crash once or twice when I could actually log in especially when I tried going into WvWvW.  Then again this was a stress test, better for the servers to have problems now rather than at launch and even then you can never be sure.

During play I noticed some changes:

1. Enhanced graphics. Oh wow! When I eventually logged in I found myself in Lion’s Arch, down by the water’s edge and boy oh boy! The water was just absolutely superb! It looked extremely real and so very inviting. Honestly, if I could, I would have dived right in!

Just looking at the water makes you want to grab your bathing suit!

2. Changes to the UI. Hovering your mouse over a skill will show you the skill chain. I found that very useful though it can clutter your screen a bit, but I’m sure the guys at AreaNet will sort that out eventually.

3. Target range. Now you can tell whether you are in range of a target or not because red lines appear underneath your skills. If the skill is an AoE then you will see a small red circle.

4. Mystic Chests have now been given a new name – Black Lion Chests.

For a complete list of the changes that were made go to:

List of stress test changes on Reddit

Guild Wars 2 Guru Database Update

I can’t wait to be able to log in and play for as long as I want with the knowledge that I can play whenever I want…….no limits whatsoever! I…..just……want……to……play!

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