Hear no GW2! Watch no GW2!!!

So I sit and wait. Potter around the house. Wash the floor. Clean the windows. Feed the cat. Try to keep myself occupied until GW2 launches. I wake up one morning and say “that’s it, am not going to watch or read anything about GW2 until it comes out, not going to spoil it for myself!” Of course. Yes. That’s what I do………not! Honestly I can’t help myself. It’s like refusing to have a glass of good, chilled, white wine. I, frankly, find that impossible.

So as I rumbled around all those YouTube videos, I came across one that had me sitting back, propping my feet up on the desk and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Guild Wars 2 – A Beautiful World  (where’s my wine……..*sighs*!)

Oh how true! …….and some people out there really know how to record and edit stuff. To them I say “thank you very much and keep them coming!”

……….and obviously, I’ll be watching more stuff on GW2. One has to keep stress levels at a minimum!

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