Stress test and surprises!

Well, the stress test is over and as happens every time I play a bit of GW2, I’ve had a blast! Meeting up with my guildies and playing the fool was just the ticket and certainly relieves the accumulated “stress” waiting for the game to launch.

I didn’t notice any particular changes from the previous BWE so I guess they have been optimizing the game and fixing bugs, which is a very good thing. I only crashed about three times, which was to be expected it being a stress test and all, but otherwise the game ran as smooth as silk. I dabbled in the jumping puzzle in the Eternal Battlegrounds, but didn’t manage to get to the end because we were warped back to Lion’s Arch, presumably because they were fixing and tweaking the maps.

Us guildies having a blast…….let’s dive!

After that it was muck around in Lion’s Arch, jump off the diving board and continue to explore Rata Sum……..and it was while in Rata Sum, close to the end of the stress test that I got a pleasant surprise. Check out the picture below and see for yourselves!

Surprise! Can you guess?

Will we have another stress test I wonder? Who knows, I doubt we’ll have another BWE, but I’m not complaining. At this point I’d rather play the full game than play for a little while and then have my character deleted……I want to continue to have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Stress test and surprises!

  1. Machination

    “…relieves the accumulated “stress” waiting for the game to launch.”

    Ah! I see what you did there!

    From all that I hear, GW2 seems — dare I say it… ready. Instead of desperately cramming in the fundamental content, it definitely feels more like just polish mode. That makes me very hopeful!

    • Yes, indeed! I feel it’s ready and they’re just giving it a good going over. Fixing this and the other, cleaning the dust and giving themselves a couple of weeks just to make sure all’s well.

      I have never been so excited for a game before and I feel they’re going to deliver quite a hefty package! 😀

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