BWE3 Phase Three – Everything Else!

A month from now and those who’ve pre-purchased can play every day and at whatever time, with the knowledge that the servers are not going to go down after three days………the anguish we have suffered after every BWE! I’m sure GW2 will have its bugs once it launches, I mean, it’s a game run on computers and lord knows what kind of programming has gone into it, so it’s bound to have its hiccups…..but from where I’m sitting (got myself a comfortable chair – must be prepared) so far GW2 has delivered. It has given me the cookie and I can’t wait to unwrap the fun-package come 25th August!

Going back to this last BWE, it was fun to go hunting for the Vistas, a new addition towards map completion. I really enjoyed searching for them and having to go through a mini-jumping puzzle to get to them. Now whether or not they should be part of map completion is another matter. I am sure there are a number of players out there who aren’t too keen on jumping puzzles and if they’re like me, a completionist, they’re going to have problems. I think the Vistas should have been put in a category of their own. Discovering them would give you a different reward from the treasure chest you receive after having completed  the map of the area you are in, a sort of added bonus. I think they’re a really good idea, you get to see the surrounding area, if only for a few seconds. I would have wished them to go a bit slower and may be have some background music added to them. That would have really made them something special.

Stand and deliver! Boom! Boom!

Regarding the Finale this time around was a bit of a disappointment. I wasn’t too impressed. It was based on The Hunger Games. There were 4 -5 teams. We were given asura styled rifles and had to travel around the Metrica Province shooting the opposing players while at the same time searching for rations and ammunition. If you didn’t find your food rations your health bar would go down pretty fast and considering the size of the map that happened quite a lot. Personally, I spent more time running across the map and searching for rations than actually shooting anybody. Then when you died of starvation(which happened to me) you were returned to the starting zone as a golem, in which case you couldn’t do much except drop ammunition…….and that’s when I decided I’d had enough and logged off. This was quite a sharp contrast to BWE2 when we were branded by the Shatterer in the Plains of Ashford and had to search and corrupt the opposing players, with the added bonus of seeing the Shatterer fly overhead. I’m hoping that this was just “let’s see how many players hit the servers”. Some people think that this might be a good mini-game, may be. If the map was brought down to size then may be, yes…….it has potential.

The Shatterer!

One aspect – out of many – that I really enjoy about GW2 is exploring the cities. I never managed to get to Rata Sum, but I did get to The Grove and got 100% map completion of the city. I just so enjoy running around the cities, looking through doors, climbing up things and listening to the conversations, but then I realized…….what is there to do after you’ve completed a city? I completed Divinity’s Reach in BWE1, Lion’s Arch in BWE2 and The Grove in BWE3…….and then? Hmmmm. Thinking about it, you don’t need to go back to the cities to do things – may be to craft and possibly visit the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch…….but otherwise most things you can do while you’re out in the world. Not having to go back to the cities is such a shame considering that they are spectacular places to be in. May be ANet might introduce some mini-games or duels to entice players back to the cities. It would be really a lot of fun if they introduced lodge-orientated quests in Hoelbrak and city specific quests for the others…….and yet who knows!……..may be! May be!

Divinity’s Reach! Majestic!

Well………this is it! We wait! We’ll read blogs, watch new footage……..and wait! A game in itself!

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2 thoughts on “BWE3 Phase Three – Everything Else!

  1. Confession time; I have clicked on the same vista more than once. One of the vistas in The Grove I clicked on several times… left… came back and did the jumps necessary to get to it again and then clicked on it some more…
    I love ’em.
    It’s amazing how much ArenaNet have done to make “explorers” feel welcomed and rewarded in Tyria, and aside from the much healthier, and friendlier social dynamics of the game, that is my favorite part of GW2.

    • Yes, absolutely and because of this having alts is going to be so much fun 😀 you get to prolong the “funness” 😀

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