BWE3 Phase One – Sylvari

So the BWE is over and now we can sit back and really count down to the final days when we’ll have the game in its entirety and the excitement will be indeed high, but in the meantime there are a couple of things to keep us occupied, I’m sure.

In my case it’s writing some reviews! *sniggers*….ok, I’m trying to be funny, can’t you give a girl a break!! I was so excited as I sat in front of the GW2 launcher waiting for it to open the ‘door’ for me. This BWE was different from the other two, well, that’s how I felt, anyway!

Literally a dream world!

First off, I promised I wouldn’t, but I did……..I created a Sylvari and I fell in love! The Sylvari starting area is spectacular with oversized trees and plants and everything is so colourful. Well, it took me forever to get to the starting area in the first place, I got stuck on character creation. I know, I know. The character was going to be deleted, but I just couldn’t help myself! I simply enjoyed going through all the different varieties of skin tones, matching face to colour and all the fancy stuff – just to make the perfect sylvari……and the really fun part was when I spotted the ‘light bulb’ icon! I could actually switch off the light in the character screen and……..magic! My Sylvari lights up in the dark! Bioluminescence they call it! This was certainly the cherry on the cake for me!…….and they remind me so much of my loveable elves. I like elves. I think it’s the ears! No, wait……I think it’s because they are so ethereal and the sylvari are like that. Way beyond fun!

……and when I switched off the light!

So I drifted in (keeping the ethereal thing going here) as a Sylvari Necro and she was perfect! She fit the bill alright!…….and my explorations took me to The Grove! Oh, Oh…..look, look….Pale Tree! I just sat there panning my camera…..and for some reason it reminded me of another city close to my heart…….Caras Galadhon. If you’ve played LOTRO and read the book, you know what I’m talking about. If not, just imagine a city of sparkling flowers, silvery moon and twinkling faery lights everywhere……and meeting Pale Tree herself, as exhilarating as meeting Lady Galadriel! Everything about The Grove was so much fun and I wasn’t happy until I had discovered every point of interest and vistas (something I’ll talk about soon) that I could – I’m a completionist! So there I was jogging around The Grove, listening to the conversations going on and greeting an NPC here and there and most of the replies were the illuminating words “Seize the moment!” One of these jogs took me to The Nightshade Garden, the Grove prison and what a prison it is! If you’re caught doing something bad you’re locked up in a HUGE flycatcher-looking plant so watch out! Anyway, there I was zooming in to get a closer look and I automatically greeted one of the jailors and an exasperated voice replied, “Seize the bloody moment!” I mean, honestly, you’ve got to love ‘em!

Then there were the dynamic events…….and those were fun! I can never get enough of them, so exciting to do. One of them was real fun. We had to defeat spiders and pick mushrooms. Those mushrooms made you grow big, you were turned into a sylvari-norn. Reminded me of Alice and her potions……Drink Me and shrink, Eat Me and grow big!……and the hearts, we can’t forget the hearts. One turned me into a sylvan hound and the other turned me into one of the those moss-covered-tree-giants (am not going to say why, don’t want to spoil the fun for anybody, have said enough already).

Moss-covered-tree giant!

Fun, fun and fun! Truly, that’s what it is to play as a sylvari! They are a really fascinating race and I have a dilemma on my hands…….Norn or Sylvari! Let me meditate a while on this!

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7 thoughts on “BWE3 Phase One – Sylvari

  1. Machination

    “Bioluminescence they call it! This was certainly the cherry on the cake for me!”

    ArenaNet’s strength seems to be a plethora of very welcome, pleasant little additions. Bits like this add up quickly, and there’s just SO many of them!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Now the fun part is discovering all these “little additions”. I think it’s going to be one exciting ride! 🙂

    • Machination

      An underwater organ secret! ANet continues to impress.

      • Machination

        Apologies, that link actually pasted the entire video in there. You can remove this or the linked comment.

      • I know, I know, I watched it! Isn’t that amazing. Honestly, I just can’t wait to see what’s install for us! 😀

  2. I didn’t get much time online but I, too, played a Sylvari and fell deeply in love! The glowing was wonderful and really reminded me of my old fur stripes back in Second Life



    I found the forest to be totally engrossing and I was never bored. The DEs were a god mix of fun and serious challenge and although I stayed away from the personal story completely I can’t wait to take up the fight against the Nightmare Court!

    I found the jumping puzzles to be fun but sometimes very, very frustrating and I don’t deal well with frustration, still at least the vistas were never so hard to reach.

    Oh, and this was my very first time ever playing a ranger/pet-class and I loved it! Running around with a bloody huge jungle spider was so cool 😀

    • 😀 so you love the ranger too! It is funky running around with some extraordinary pet! Last time I had a pig……hilarious! Can’t wait to play more!

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