Those Fun Surprises!

So in BWE 2 I decided I would stick with my ranger and had a grand old-time trying to find all the different animals I could tame and I found quite a number of fun ones – lips are sealed, don’t want to spoil anything for prospective rangers! Anyway, I digress. There I was exploring Queensdale (my ranger being human) and came across the farming town of Beetletun, a lovely town you must visit it. I came across a group of people escorting a laden wagon into the town and obviously I tagged along, despatching any sinister creature that popped up along the way and as I panned my camera around I noticed some electricity-type-thingy going on up on a little hill not so far away. Interesting! So having escorted the wagon into town I jogged off in search of the aforementioned activity.

Well, would you believe it! There stood an asura, Moa Trainer Kappa, surrounded by her magical-electricity-pulsing gadget! ……and she gave me a quest. Oh, wow, this was going to be good! Was I to help her overcome some magically complicated  obstacle? Or help in an experiment?…….forgive me, I have to stop a while and giggle……ok, I can do this. I had to escort Kappa and her dancing moa birds into town! I mean, come on! How fantastic is that! Off to town we went and when we got there I was rewarded with the most extraordinary thing ever! Kappa and her colourful Moa birds danced. Incredible! That was the most fun and hilarious thing I had ever seen. Totally unexpected!

……..and that, I think is one of the most extraordinary things of GW2, when you least expect it, BAM! your socks get pulled off! You never know what’s going to happen and where, whether it’s going to be something chaotic as a centaur charge or as entertaining as dancing birds.

I suspect I’m going to have my socks yanked off quite a bit!

Moa Trainer Kappa in Beetletun

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2 thoughts on “Those Fun Surprises!

  1. I came.across this pen but there was no Asura there so I had no idea what it was for but in-between your ace post & a vid I saw on YouTube of the baby moas being rounded up, I can’t wait to do this one. I mean… Dancing Moas fer gawd’s sake! That’s amazing 😀

    • 😀 Honestly I can’t wait to get into the game to find all these fun moments. It just kind of shows you what a fun bunch of people the ANET team are:-D

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